About Surrey Sea Cadets

The Sea Cadet program provides an opportunity to participate in community events, parades, as well as marksmanship, first aid, drill, seamanship, military band, first aid, sailing, small craft operation, and sports events. Participation in the program also provides a platform towards the development of skills that can promote future community leaders such as, comedian Rick Mercer, and astronaut Mark Garneau.

Sea Cadets are sponsored by the Department of National Defence and the Navy League of Canada. We continue to grow in numbers through ongoing recruitment and are always looking for young people who want to learn about the sea and want a challenge. We operate with a qualified staff of CIC Officers and Civilian Volunteer instructors, and are co-sponsored by our Navy League of Canada Branch committee and the Dept of National Defence (DND).

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What do cadets do?

Cadets is a great way to make friends, learn skills & history, and have fun!
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Some of the things we do:

  • International exchanges & cultural visits
  • Taste life at sea with the Canadian Coast Guard
  • Learn abut seamanship & air rifle marksmanship
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